Advanced Object Filtering

This article describes how to use the “Filter” textbox within Tabular Editor - an incredibly useful feature when navigating complex models.

Filtering Mode

As of 2.7.4, Tabular Editor now lets you decide how the filter should apply to objects in the hierarchy, and how search results are displayed. This is controlled using the three right-most toolbar buttons next to the Filter button:

  • Hierarchical by parent: The search will apply to parent objects, that is Tables and Display Folders (if those are enabled). All child items will be displayed, when a parent item matches the search criteria.

  • Hierarchical by children: The search will apply to child objects, that is Measures, Columns, Hierarchies, etc. Parent objects will only be displayed if they have at least one child object matching the search criteria.

  • Flat: The search will apply to all objects, and results will be displayed in a flat list. Objects that contain child items will still display these in a hierarchical manner.