Tabular Editor 3 Editions

Supported Data Modelling Scenarios

The main difference between the various editions of Tabular Editor 3, is which types of tabular data modelling scenarios they support. To understand this difference, consider that Analysis Services (Tabular) exists in a number of different “flavors”:

  • Power BI Desktop

  • Power BI Premium through the XMLA Endpoint (Premium Per User or Premium/Embedded Capacity gen1/gen2)

  • SQL Server (2016+) Analysis Services (Editions: Developer, Standard, Enterprise)

  • Azure Analysis Services (Tiers: Developer, Basic, Standard)

We consider the highlighted flavors of Analysis Services to be Enterprise-Tier, and as such, these may only be used with Tabular Editor 3 Enterprise Edition. Please refer to the matrix below for the full overview of supported scenarios:

Scenario / Edition Desktop Business Enterprise
External Tool for Power BI Desktop
Load/save model metadata to disk** ✔*
Workspace Mode*** ✔*
Power BI Premium Per User
SQL Server Developer Edition ✔*
SQL Server Standard Edition
SQL Server Enterprise Edition
Azure AS Developer Tier ✔*
Azure AS Basic Tier
Azure AS Standard Tier
Power BI Premium Capacity (P SKUs)
Power BI Embedded Capacity (A/EM SKUs)

*Note: Enterprise Edition is required if the Analysis Services data model contains perspectives or tables with multiple partitions (does not apply to Power BI Desktop or Power BI Premium Per User models).

**Note: Supported file formats are: .pbit (Power BI Template), .bim (Analysis Services model metadata), .vpax (VertiPaq Analyzer) and database.json (Tabular Editor folder structure).

***Note: Workspace Mode allows Tabular Editor 3 to simultaneously save model metadata to disk and synchronize a database on any of the editions of Analysis Services or Power BI supported by the Tabular Editor 3 edition purchased.

Modelling Restrictions for non-Power BI models

Specifically for Analysis Services (not Power BI) data models, we restrict a few data modelling operations inside Tabular Editor 3 as well, corresponding to the restrictions on Azure Analysis Services Basic Tier and SQL Server Analysis Services Standard Edition:

Modelling Feature / Edition Business Enterprise
Multiple partitions

There are no other feature differences between the Tabular Editor 3 editions, than the ones listed above.

Modelling Restrictions for Power BI models

There are no feature differences across the Tabular Editor 3 editions for Power BI data models.


Please keep in mind that Power BI Desktop currently does not support all Data Modelling operations. For this reason, Tabular Editor 3 by default blocks operations that are not supported by Power BI Desktop. However, this restriction can be removed under Tools > Preferences > Power BI.

Personal vs. Transferable licenses

Our Desktop Edition and Business Edition uses a personal licensing model. This means, that a user receives their own personal License Key, which can not be shared or transferred to other users. When a user no longer requires the product, their subscription should be cancelled to avoid recurring payments.

Our Enterprise Edition uses a transferable licensing model. The license administrator receives a single License Key, which is then valid for a number of named users up to the quantity purchased. Users are identified by their e-mail address, which is entered the first time a user activates an installation of Tabular Editor 3. The license administrator may contact support in case a user should be removed from the license, such as when an employee leaves the team.

Number of installations per user

The table below lists the number of installations that can be active at a time, for any given user, using the specified type of license:

Desktop Business Enterprise
Installations 1 1 3

You can deactivate an existing installation at any time from within the tool itself, by choosing the “Change license key…” option under “Help > About Tabular Editor”. You may also contact support if you need our assistance in deactivating an installation.

Enterprise Edition Volume Discounts

Our Enterprise Edition is priced in tiers, according to the following table (similar discount rates apply to monthly commitment):

Tier Yearly price per seat
First 5 seats $950.00 USD
Next 6-10 seats $900.00 USD
Next 11-20 seats $850.00 USD
Next 21-50 seats $800.00 USD
Seats 51 and above $750.00 USD

As an example, if you need 12 seats, the price breaks down as follow:

Seats 1-5:    5 x 950.00 = $  4,750.00
Seats 6-10:   5 x 900.00 = $  4,500.00
Seats 11-12:  2 x 850.00 = $  1,700.00
Total                      $ 10,950.00

If you require more than 100 seats, please contact sales for a quote.